At the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) Annual Meeting and Education Conference in Orlando, FL, San Jose Water (SJW) received the 2018 water industry Innovation Award for revitalizing its 43-year-old Montevina Ultrafiltration Water Treatment Plant (Montevina). SJW’s Vice President of Engineering Craig Giordano gave a presentation on the project at the NARUC Conference.



SJW Chief Executive Officer Eric Thornburg Accepting the NARUC Innovation Award
(L-R) CPUC Commissioner Carla Peterman, SJW Vice President of Engineering Craig Giordano, and CPUC Commissioner Liane Randolph
SJW’s Revitalized Montevina Ultrafiltration Water Treatment Plant

While serving more than 1 million individuals in the greater San Jose metropolitan area, SJW upgraded Montevina with state-of-the-art membrane treatment technology to treat more than 2 billion gallons of water annually. The open communication and collaboration between SJW and the designer-builder, as well as employing cutting-edge design-build methods, were fundamental to addressing the challenges encountered during construction of the complex project.

In SJW’s November 12 press release, SJW Group Chairman, President, and CEO Eric W. Thornburg said, “The project approach led to a progressive design and the implementation of leading-edge technology and gave SJW the largest ultrafiltration membrane treatment plant of its type in the United States.” Thornburg went on to state, “Our flexible design-build approach enabled us to manage budget and scope and thereby minimize the rate impact to SJW customers.”

Settling Basins at the Montevina Ultrafiltration Water Treatment Plant
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