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Leading The Industry in Drinking Water Compliance

Regulated water utilities diligently work with state and federal officials to ensure that all water quality standards are maintained, and that drinking water is clean and safe.

The California State Water Resources Control Board and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) are charged with enforcing state and federal drinking water standards, which are the same for both regulated and municipal water providers.

In fact, regulated water utilities consistently lead the entire water industry in drinking water compliance. These water companies have an excellent compliance record when it comes to violations and fines of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), according to a 2011 report by Water Intelligence Magazine, which analyzed U.S. EPA data on serious SDWA violators.

Water-Quality Compliance Recognition

Several water professionals have been recognized for their exemplary water-quality compliance record. San Jose Water Company (SJWC), for example, was honored by the Partnership for Safe Water, a unique alliance of the US EPA, American Water Works Association, Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies and others. The award recognized SJWC’s commitment and execution of programs that improve the quality and safety of water delivered to customers.

Water Fun Fact

State-certified water quality staff tests water for 200-plus contaminants on a daily, weekly, monthly and/or annual basis.

Water Testing and Reporting

With technological advances, contaminants can now be detected down to the microscopic levels. The results of this testing are reported to customers in annual Consumer Confidence Reports. These advances don’t come without a price, however. The new detection and treatment technologies, and increasingly stringent water quality standards, are increasing the costs of providing water service for all water providers–regulated and municipal alike.

Regulated water utilities are proud of their ongoing track record of meeting or surpassing state and federal water quality standards while continuing to deliver a reliable supply of water at a reasonable cost.