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Communicating the Value of Water

At the California Water Association, the Public Information Committee is dedicated to enhancing the public’s understanding of the critical services provided by water utilities. Our focus extends beyond ensuring the delivery of safe, clean, and reliable water; we aim to deepen community connections and foster an informed understanding and appreciation of the water sector.

What We Do

The Public Information Committee facilitates a collaborative environment where members can:

  • Share Best Practices: Learn from each other’s experiences to enhance public engagement strategies.
  • Develop Tools: Provide innovative tools and resources that member companies can leverage to effectively communicate with their customers.

Our Goals and Strategies

Our committee is committed to achieving the following goals through strategic actions and collaboration:

  • Build Public Trust: Through national,state, and local campaigns, we aim to reinforce public confidence in the safety and reliability of their drinking water.
  • Educate on Infrastructure Investments: Communicate the necessity of replacing aging infrastructure and the implications for service quality and water safety.
  • Workforce Development: Highlight the importance of building a skilled workforce to ensure the sustainability of water services.
  • Promote Sustainable Behaviors: Encourage water conservation and sustainable water use through holistic behavioral change campaigns.

Strategic Initiatives

  • Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) & Other Events: Highlight the impact and outreach of programs like LIHWAP that support our communities. (We could add in photos from the recent LIHWAP events and any other outreach events)
  • Informational Updates: Our committee is committed to keeping the public informed and engaged with the latest developments in water policy. We provide regular updates and posts on crucial topics such as water conservation measures, regulatory changes, and sector advancements.
  • Public Awareness Campaigns: Develop comprehensive campaigns that educate on the importance of infrastructure investment, water quality, and the need for sustainable water usage practices. These campaigns utilize a range of communication tools from detailed blog posts to informative videos, aiming to enhance public understanding and support for water-related issues.