With the completion of upgrades at San Jose Water’s (SJW) Montevina water treatment facility, customers are benefitting from water that is filtered through the largest U.S. installation of BASF’s state-of-the-art ultrafiltration fiber system. BASF has paved the way for leading-edge technology that cleans and removes bacteria and viruses from water to ensure it meets the highest water quality and safety standards.

With infrastructure costs exceeding $60 million for the upgrade, SJW’s 48-year-old Montevina facility now can treat three to five billion gallons of water daily, serving 100,000 people during the summer and up to 300,000 people during the winter. Laid end to end, the ultrafiltration fibers would stretch from San Jose to Chicago!

A video depicting various components of the newly upgraded facility, as well as drone footage following the path of water from the Santa Cruz Mountain Watershed to the treatment plant, can be found online at SJW’s “Water Blogged.”

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