With the recent publication of its first sustainability report, Park Water Company (Park Water) formally outlined key initiatives and activities implemented to ensure the company’s long-term, sustainable success in delivering safe, quality water to its customers. Titled Delivering Quality Water is Just Part of Our Commitment, the report summarizes Park Water’s efforts to effectively manage and ensure quality water resources, operate reliably and responsibly, optimize energy use and leverage the experience and knowledge of more than 160 employees.

coverFaced with the challenges of climate change and environmental issues, limited water resources coupled with increased demand and soaring investment costs due to aging infrastructure, Park Water continues to identify and execute the best possible solutions to address those challenges. This strategy is substantiated in the report’s detailed account of the company’s performance in five key areas of water, energy, greenhouse gases, waste and citizenship.

President and Chief Executive Officer Christopher Schilling summed up the intent of the report in his introductory message, “With this Sustainability Report and the ones that will follow, we hope to demonstrate the depth of our commitment to continue to be a trusted provider of an essential service that enhances the quality of life of our customers.”

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