The Quality Assurance (QA) Department at Suburban Water Systems (Suburban) features prominently in an advertisement that Medora Corporation is running in several industry trade publications.

The advertisement, which promotes a submersible GridBee GS-12 tank mixer manufactured by Medora, includes a photo of Suburban QA employees Chris Arrighi, Jesse Malinowski and Department Manager Ken Reich in front of a Suburban reservoir in Covina.

According to Suburban’s Communications Manager Michael Nutt, “Medora approached us about participating in the ad after we installed two of the mixers. The idea appealed to us and seemed like a good fit, so we agreed. Our guys don’t normally get called on to pose for a photo shoot. It was a fun outing, and we are pleased with the result.”

The advertisement will run in the May and June issues of Opflow and the May issues of Water & Wastes Digest, Water World and Water Environment & Technology.

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