On October 1, San Gabriel Valley Water Company (SGVWC) assumed the operations and maintenance of Montebello’s municipal water system. California Water Service Company decided not to continue the contract after 21 years of managing the system. After an extensive evaluation process, Montebello’s City Council recommended awarding a one-year contract with a renewal option to SGVWC.

The City Council’s decision was influenced by SGVWC’s extensive resources and operational experience and overall value of providing water service within the city, as well as the close proximity of its headquarters and operations center to the city’s service area. The terms of the contract give the city the flexibility to extend the contract or consider a subsequent lease of the system.

The system’s southern area is served by one groundwater well, and the city has pumping rights in the Central Basin. The northern area is served by a water connection through the Metropolitan Water District.

Since SGVWC already serves more than 1,600 customers in Montebello, adding the city’s approximately 1,650 residential and commercial customers will fit seamlessly into SGVWC’s operations. Relying on teams of talented, skilled employees, SGVWC will employ state-of-the-art methods to provide clean, safe drinking water to its new customers in Montebello.

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