Earlier this year, Liberty Utilities’ Apple Valley (LUAV) district launched an Extreme Water Makeover contest to encourage customers to make conservation a way of life. The contest took center stage at the 11th Annual WaterSmart Innovations Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas where Liberty Utilities and contest winners John and Christie Vaughn showcased the makeover for a national audience of industry professionals.

Emulating the once popular television show Extreme Home Makeover, the contest was developed by LUAV Water Conservation Coordinator Norma Armenta to inspire the Apple Valley community to rethink its water use and encourage residents to become ambassadors for water conservation. Selected from a random drawing of LUAV’s top 20 water users, the Vaughns are expected to reduce their water use by more than 200,000 gallons annually as a result of the Extreme Water Makeover. All other customers who entered the drawing were offered free retrofit resources and a professional survey of their indoor and outdoor water use.

(L-R) Robert Starr, The Toro Company; Ajay Dhawan, President, Water Wise Consulting, Inc.; Christy and John Vaughn, Extreme Water Makeover Winners; Chris Daney, The Toro Company; and Norma Armenta, LUAV Water Conservation Coordinator.
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