In mid-September, Truth from the Tap, a website sponsored by the National Association of Water Companies dedicated to providing factual information and context about the private water industry in the United States, launched a new toolkit to provide stakeholders, including water utilities regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission, with fact-based information about California’s water companies. With activists increasingly publishing misinformation about regulated water companies and supporting government takeovers of regulated public water utilities that professionally operate water distribution systems throughout the state, the new toolkit includes backgrounders, infographics, and FAQs on water rates and how they are set for regulated water utilities.

With one in seven Californians served by water companies that collectively invested more than $645 million in community water and wastewater systems in 2017, regulated water utilities are leading the way to ensure customers have the quality water infrastructure and services they need now and in the future. Despite the false narratives activists are conveying, Trust from the Tap indicates “evidence clearly shows that the regulatory process in California works and that Californians are well served by regulated water companies.”



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