The newly formed California Water Association (CWA) Safety, Security & Emergency Preparedness Committee (SS&EPC) provides an opportunity for safety and emergency preparedness managers to share best practices that enhance the levels of safety, security, safety compliance and emergency preparedness in their organizations. Jim Wollbrinck, Emergency Preparedness Specialist, San Jose Water Company will serve as chair of the committee.

“I look forward to working with my colleagues on the committee,” said Wollbrinck. “Effective safety and emergency preparedness rely on excellent communication and teamwork. The committee will provide a communications network and establish methods for providing assistance and cross-fertilization of ideas with all CWA members.”

The SS&EPC considers the following program areas on a continuing basis:

  • Compliance with General Order 103-A’s safety standards,
  • Compliance with Assembly Bill 1650’s emergency preparedness requirements,
  • Preparation and updating of utility emergency preparedness plans on file with the California Department of Public Health,
  • Inter-company communications and support on actual disasters,
  • Ongoing interface with Cal EMA, particularly through the Golden Guardian Exercise, Program: California’s annual statewide emergency operations exercise series; coordination between NorCal and SoCal water utilities,
  • Leveraging the California Water/Waste Water Agency Response Network (CalWARN) with CWA member companies, and
  • Statistical reports, surveys, etc. on safety-related issues for regulated water companies.
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