As Drinking Water Week comes to a close, we extend our deepest gratitude to the dedicated professionals across the 89 regulated utilities who ensure that over 6 million Californians have access to clean, safe, and sustainable water. This week, we’ve celebrated the essential journey of water from source to tap, but the efforts to maintain and improve our water systems continue every day.

Industry Heroes:
The heroes behind our taps are the skilled workers committed to the vast and vital infrastructure that delivers and purifies our water. Their relentless work in upgrading pipelines, managing treatment facilities, and innovating sustainable practices ensures the safety and availability of our water amid challenges like climate change and urban growth.

A Commitment to Excellence:
This week has highlighted not just the importance of water, but the people who work tirelessly to safeguard this precious resource. Their expertise and dedication keep our communities healthy and hydrated.
Thank you to everyone who plays a part in managing California’s water—a resource essential for life but extraordinary in its ability to unite us in our shared environmental and public health goals.

Celebrate the conclusion of Drinking Water Week 2024 by thanking a water professional today! Let’s continue to support the work that ensures our water is always there when we need it.

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