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Sharing our member company success stories helping communities across California access safe and reliable drinking water.


“California American Water acquired Oxbow Marina Mutual Water Company in Sacramento to ensure its community receives safe and clean drinking water. Oxbow Marina, a large deluxe marina with boat slips and waterfront homes, is located on Georgiana Slough, which is a scenic waterway connecting the Sacramento River to the Mokelumne River near Walnut Grove and Highway 12. Historic difficulty complying with state and federal water standards has placed Oxbow under a requirement to upgrade its antiquated water system. The system will now be connected to California American Water’s system to improve drinking water quality and provide greater system reliability.” Read more.


“Robbins Public Water System was sold to the Golden State Water Company, which would take over maintenance and operation of the facility. The town’s water system has experienced arsenic issues over the last decade. It currently has 93 connections and serves a population of approximately 350 residents. The transfer, if approved by the California Public Utilities Commission, is not expected to result in interruptions to service.” Read more.


“This week’s initial approval of the sale of Sativa Water System to Suburban Water Systems marks an important step forward in our long-term commitment to safe and clean water for the residents of unincorporated Willowbrook and the City of Compton, who have borne the brunt of systemic failures by their local water provider.” — Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell. Read more.

West Goshen

“California Water Service Company (Cal Water) responded quickly to the California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) request to assist West Goshen residents, whose system was no longer providing them with quality drinking water. At the time, Cal Water sent company teams to assist in bringing clean water to West Goshen by flushing the distribution system, adjusting pump pressures and fixing electrical issues.” Read more.