A big thank you to everyone who participated in our Spring Policy Symposium. We were thrilled to gather a diverse group of speakers and Hydro Heroes who shared critical insights into water policy and infrastructure resilience.

Highlights from Our Hydro Hero Presentations:

Patrick Henning, Chief Deputy Treasurer of California, discussed fiscal strategies supporting water infrastructure.

Karla Nemeth, Director of the California Department of Water Resources, highlighted state-level leadership in water management.

Christina Hecht, UC ANR Nutrition Policy Institute Academic Coordinator, provided insights into water, nutrition, and public health intersections.

Barton Thompson, Senior Fellow, at Stanford University, offered unique perspectives on public health and innovative water management.

Key Panel Discussions:

Water and Wildfire Safety: Strategies for enhancing community and infrastructure protection. Daryl OsbyPhil Saksa, Erika Baker, John Tang, Matthew Samson

Water Conservation: Debates on sustainable practices for preserving California’s water resources. Amy Talbot, Ken Jenkins, David Mitchell, Ellen Hanak, E. Joaquin Esquivel

2024 Water Legislation: Insights into potential impacts and necessary adaptations for upcoming legislation. Evan Jacobs, Adam Quinonez, Danielle Blacet-Hyden, Ryan Ojakian

We appreciate the expertise and enthusiasm all contributors brought to this symposium. Your participation has paved the way for advancing water management discussions and fostering a sustainable future.

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