SJW Group announced that it has issued its 2019 Corporate Sustainability Report, Source to Tap. The report demonstrates that the Company and its employees are delivering on their long-standing commitment to sustainability. SJW believes that all water is local, and environmental stewardship efforts guide every decision throughout the organization.

“Sustainability plays a critical role in our corporate philosophy. We’re pleased to share the details of the many ways we’ve worked to be good stewards of your water, your resources and the environment,” stated Eric W. Thornburg, Chairman, President and CEO of SJW Group.

Thornburg continued, “We believe that it is essential to have engaged employees, working safely and efficiently, coupled with smart investments in customer service, innovation and our water system infrastructure. Together, these efforts minimize our environmental footprint as we plan for and protect the future for all of us.”

Some key accomplishments include:

  • Actively lowering SJW’s greenhouse gas emissions by working with energy suppliers committed to renewable energy; using biofuels in our diesel fleet, piloting electrical vehicles, and looking at other operational efficiencies that will save both water and energy.
  • Ensuring earthquake preparedness by using earthquake-resistant pipe, deploying back-up power sources, and building new reservoirs that meet the latest safety related building specifications.
  • Spearheading social responsibility efforts including employee volunteer programs, employee-led community giving initiatives, and corporate community investments of $225,000 annually in local non-profit organizations.
  • Proactively implementing programs that increase operational efficiencies and safety while also minimizing our environmental footprint:
    • Completing a Tactical Asset Management Plan for water storage assets. Every tank and reservoir was extensively evaluated using detailed analyses based on the asset’s condition, age and presence of safety equipment.
    • Using acoustic leak detection via fire hydrant sensors to find leaks in the distribution system before they surface. Repairs can be made proactively to avoid a catastrophic break. o Building SJWTX Vintage Oaks Wastewater Treatment Plant to utilize zero chemical disinfectant.

The full report can be found here.

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