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California Water Association (CWA) is a coalition of regulated water utilities invested in California water. We represent over 90 water utilities serving more than 6 million customers, 15% of Californians. CWA members are committed to delivering clean water and continued investment in infrastructure and sustainability. Watch our video to learn how regulated water works for California.

CWA member companies proudly employ water professionals who live and work in the communities they serve. They are experts focused on one thing: building and maintaining the infrastructure to deliver safe and reliable drinking water to millions of Californians. Learn about the dedicated and experienced water professionals at Lukins Brothers Water Company.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our companies worked hard to make investments in safety, ensuring that we kept our communities supplied with safe and reliable drinking water. We work proactively with regulators to support our customers facing wildfires, pandemic, drought, and more. Learn about how California American Water prepared to serve customers during a pandemic and beyond.

Our member companies know that building and maintaining infrastructure is critical to supporting communities across California. That’s why we are investing the resources necessary to keep millions of Californians supplied with safe and reliable drinking water. Learn more about how San Jose Water invests in infrastructure and how California Water Service delivers reliable water to essential workers.

Through our expertise in building and maintaining our infrastructure, we work to deliver clean, safe, and reliable drinking water to millions of Californians. We are also invested in ensuring that we deliver our water in a sustainable way, helping to protect California’s natural resources. Learn more about how San Gabriel Water delivers on sustainability through infrastructure.

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