Golden State Water Company (GSWC)’s commitment to responsibly and proactively maintain the infrastructure of its water systems in Southern, Coastal and Northern California is highlighted in a newly released infrastructure investment video. Recognizing the importance of water providers maintaining and improving their systems and infrastructure for the delivery of safe, high-quality water, GSWC has invested approximately $700 million in infrastructure during the last decade, with more than $110 million spent in 2017. Though some utilities replace pipes every 200 years or more, GSWC’s replacement schedule runs closer to every 100 years with 30 to 40 capital projects in progress at any given time to replace outdated pipes.

According to GSWC Senior Vice President of Regulated Utilities Denise Kruger, “If a water provider or municipality is not maintaining infrastructure on a regular basis, customers will certainly pay the cost for that at a later date.”

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