Golden State Water Company

Investing in Resilience

The safety of customers and our communities is a top priority for Golden State Water Company, and we continually invest and plan to help limit any service issues or public safety threats associated with wildfires.

As a water provider that relies on power to operate our water systems, Golden State Water is investing approximately $9 million to install 39 power generators throughout the state to help safeguard against water service interruptions during wildfire and/or Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events. These new power generators are being installed at key facilities to supplement and bolster our existing network of generators throughout Golden State Water’s systems to provide alternative power if power service is interrupted. Golden State Water has also established agreements with suppliers to ensure fuel will be available for generators, as needed, throughout a multi-day PSPS outage, and is working closely with local electric providers in our service areas to ensure we receive advance notice prior to a PSPS to prepare and initiate our response.  

Golden State Water regularly maintains our water systems, including water main and hydrant replacements and investments for additional storage in some high-risk fire areas to provide reliable fire flow. To mitigate the impacts of wildfires, Golden State Water seasonally reviews and updates evacuation plans, maintains vegetation and conducts outreach with local fire departments. We coordinate closely with local and state agencies to ensure we can sufficiently support any fire-related or other emergency response efforts.

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One of the many backup power generators Golden State Water Company has installed throughout the state to ensure access to reliable power during disasters and outages.
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