In September, Golden State Water Company (GSWC) teamed up with Save Our Water, a statewide program aimed at helping Californians reduce water use, to host the “Golden Lawn Contest.” The contest promotes outdoor conservation by spotlighting customers who let their lawns “go golden” by reducing or stopping lawn irrigation to conserve water.

To enter the content, customers must submit photos of their golden lawns through September 29 by email to or through Twitter at @GoldenStateH2O using the hashtag #GoGoldCA. The top two photos selected will be announced on September 30, and winners will receive bill credits of $100 for first place and $50 for second place.

Denise Kruger, GSWC Senior Vice President of Regulated Utilities, noted in a press release, “The majority of California’s residential water use is for outdoor irrigation, and this contest is a great opportunity to both recognize customers who are using water responsibly and embrace lawns that have gone gold. We applaud our customers who have taken steps to limit or stop lawn irrigation as well as those who have converted to drought-tolerant landscapes to reduce their outdoor water use.”

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