With the ongoing drought and continued forecast for little to no rain, Golden State Water Company (GSWC) developed an informational video to assist customers in making more informed decisions about conserving water. The video emphasizes drought-related issues and features GSWC water resources and efficiency experts sharing their knowledge of California’s water supply. Additionally, the video provide tips and resources to help customers modify their water-use habits.

Emphasizing the importance of proactive planning and taking action now, GSWC’s Chief Hydrogeologist and Water Resources Manager Toby Moore offers this comment in the video, “Because of the prolonged drought, it’s going to take some time to replenish our supplies, and even average or above-average rainfall and snowpack for one to three years may not get us there.”

GSWC Water-Use Efficiency Manager Edwin DeLeon stressed, “As far as the drought is concerned, it’s a new norm. We have to understand we aren’t going to have the water supply like in the past.”

On GSWC’s website’s “drought page” (www.gswater.com/drought), customers can access a variety of information, including drought news and updates and information on water-use efficiency programs and incentives. GSWC also offers a Spanish-language version of the “drought page” at www.gswater.com/sequia. Customers also can report water waste in their communities through the website.

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