“The California Water Association (CWA) is aware of the California Public Utilities Commission’s (CPUC) decision to place its executive director on administrative leave, as well as public claims that water utilities owe the agency outstanding fees. We believe that recent news reports of these developments have erroneously created an impression that regulated water utilities owe the Commission a substantial amount of unpaid fees.

“In light of these recent news reports, our team wishes to clarify that water utilities account for a very small portion of the alleged $200 million being reported in the media. In fact, the total attributed to the water utilities is approximately $100,000, less than 1 percent of the alleged ‘$200 million in outstanding fees.’ CWA is committed to financial transparency, and we will continue to work alongside member companies to ensure that CPUC fees are paid in a timely manner,” said Jennifer Capitolo, CWA’s Executive Director.

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