CWA appreciates the work of the State Water Resources Control Board over the past few months to update the draft urban water conservation regulations. These updates help to address the feedback from water utilities across the state, including the regulated water community and broader water agency advocates, as they balance our shared commitment to conservation with affordability, feasibility, and diverse community circumstances.

These updated regulations will continue California’s leadership in water conservation while providing greater opportunities for utilities to achieve these goals in ways that address local community needs and resources. CWA and it’s members are committed to water conservation and efficiency and appreciate that the broader flexibility of these standards will allow utilities and customers greater opportunity to collaborate in implementing California’s water conservation goals.

CWA joined a broad coalition of public agencies, municipalities, regulated water utilities, and others – including the non-partisan Legislative Analyst’s Office – in voicing valid concerns with the originally proposed regulations. CWA looks forward to continued collaboration with the SWRCB and other water advocates as these regulations continue to be improved and adopted, and working with state, local, and community partners to implement them.

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