September 28, 2020

It is with great sadness that I report that Debra S. “Debbie” Nicholson was involved in a tragic accident as she was taking off from Santa Barbara airport yesterday morning. After a day-long search and rescue effort, the Coast Guard and other emergency agencies believe they have located her plane in the sea about two miles from the coast and that she did not survive.

As many of you know, Debbie was an active and enthusiastic member of San Gabriel’s Board of Directors, and likewise was a director of Arizona Water Company and other company affiliates. She was very familiar with and knowledgeable about company operations. Debbie was very well-liked and had become acquainted with many company employees in both California and Arizona.

She was also a very accomplished attorney and maintained an active law practice.

We will all very much miss her as a friend and colleague and her support and commitment to the company’s success.

Debbie was the eldest of Bob and Marilyn Nicholson’s three children. She is survived by her mother, her two sons, Bobby, age 28, and Will, age 19, her sister Diane and brother Robert W. Nicholson, as well as her extended family and many friends.

I am sure that all of us feel a sense of great sorrow and join in offering our prayers and expressing our deepest sympathies to Debbie’s family during this time of terrible loss.

Michael Whitehead
Chairman of the Board
San Gabriel Valley Water Company

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