California Water Service

A 360-Degree View to Preparing for Wildfires

Cal Water takes a 360-degree view to comprehensively prepare for wildfire season. This includes:

Coordinating with First Responders: Developing and maintaining relationships and communication with local fire agencies and also electric companies, in case of a fire or Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS).

Reducing Fire Risk at Facilities: Managing vegetation at Cal Water facilities.

Installing and Securing Power Generators: Installing permanent power generators at critical points in the water system. And, obtaining backup portable generators and ensuring fuel is available in the event a PSPS occurs and Cal Water must run systems on generator power.

Preparing Staff to Respond: Training and equipping personnel company-wide to support our Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and provide additional boots-on-the-ground resources, in case the EOC is activated in any of Cal Water’s service areas.

Caring for our Customers: Educating and communicating with customers, so they know how Cal Water is taking acting and how they can also be prepared.

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Firefighter Grant Program

Cal Water’s Care Station welcomes customers back to Lucern after the Mendocino Complex Fire mandatory evacuations.
A water tender fills the hydrant in front of Cal Water’s Lucerne Treatment Plant to transport water to fight the Mendocino Complex Fire.

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