fbpx About CWA Supplier Diversity Program - California Water Association

CWA is a trade organization representing regulated water utilities that provide high-quality water utility services to nearly 6 million people throughout California.

Currently, seven of the nine largest (Class A) water companies participate in the Utility Supplier Diversity Program (USDP). Each of these utilities are committed to the spirit and guiding principle of GO156.

CWA-member companies work collaboratively to identify and share best practices to encourage opportunities and minimize barriers to procurement with WMDVLGBTBEs. In support of this commitment, CWA-member companies have set substantial, yet realistic goals, and are striving to exceed the 21.5 percent WMDVLGBTBE procurement goal established by GO156.

Additionally, outreach programs have been implemented by the water companies to inform and engage WMDVLGBTBEs for procurement opportunities, including Meet the Primes Events, mentorships, and Capacity Building and Technical Assistance Programs.

Products and Services Purchased

Each year, these regulated water utilities buy millions of dollars in products and services from qualified suppliers. Below are some of the products and services commonly purchased:

  • Construction: general construction, concrete work, construction management, design, electrical, excavating, air-conditioning, painting, paving, plumbing, roofing, pipeline installation
  • Maintenance and Repair: janitorial services, office machine services, landscaping, plumbing, air-conditioning, painting, electrical, pump repair, pipeline repair
  • Materials and Supplies: office machines and supplies, furniture and fixtures, mechanical and electrical equipment, computers, computer-related supplies
  • Promotional Services: advertising, marketing, public relations, photography, printing, catering
  • Professional Services: banking, auditing, consulting, architecture, legal, finance
  • Transportation: vehicle maintenance, automotive supplies, contract hauling, purchase of automobiles and trucks
  • Warehousing: material handling, equipment and parts, cleaning supplies, hydrants, valves, copper and iron ductile pipe, meters